Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sick day

I am so sick today and of course it is the one day this week when B has to be at work. I started feeling bad last night, then I had weird fever dreams all night. This morning I woke up and felt like the walking dead. I have a temperature and am achy and can hardly move and am having a very hard time explaining to Ella that I cannot carry her around today. My throat is really hurting too so naturally the only thing that she wants to do is read books. I croak out a few pages, painfully swallowing every couple words. And then halfway through the book she gets up and walks away or hands me another book. I kinda hate her today.

But in typical toddler fashion she turns around and does something so sweet that I feel like a complete shit for having all these evil thoughts. After finishing feeding her lunch I laid down on the sofa to stop my head from spinning and she came over and started stroking my forehead. Plus she laid down very very nicely for her nap and has been in there for two hours. Thank god.

Looks like there will be no indemnities for us, boohoo. But B called this afternoon and told me that he had booked our plane tickets to the Maldives and so atleast that is settled. We talked over dinner last night- I made us a fancy candlelit dinner with the china and crystal and silver and flowers and champagne to toast the many happy years we will be still living in this apartment. We decided that maybe, MAYBE, we will just keep the flat listed in PAP and do an open house on Saturdays. I don't know. The only reason I think I am interested in keeping trying to sell this place is because of the surface we visited in the third. Having the unwashed hoards tramping through here, pointing out how shit this place is kind of wears on my nerves.

This is so hard, makes my head hurt even more. I think I'm going to go back to my sick bed, my orange juice, and my afternoon of Two and a Half Men. Thats how sick I am. I am watching Two and a Half Men. Normally I hate that show. Actually, I should have realized that I was getting sick on Sunday night when I was entertained by the Ali G Movie.


Sally Lomax said...

get well soon!


Suzanne said...

I hope the reason you haven't been blogging is because you're too busy having fun, not because you're sick!


Sally Lomax said...

Are you ok?