Friday, January 05, 2007

Isn't it too early in the year to be protesting?

I was sitting here at my desk, reading through my endless blog roll, and I heard some shouting out on the street. I thought it was some stupid student protest coming across the bridge (I have accidentally walked into the middle of one or two of those and I have to say they are pathetic. There are usually about 5 kids in the front who know whats going on, talking to the press, and the other 500 are all on their cell phones/taking camera photos of each other or checking out the opposite sex as they nonchalently puff away on their eneime Marlborough Light. Its so awesome being politically active, non?) But it wasn't a student protest. It was a bunch of people shouting outside the door of the Office for Social Housing, located conveniently just across the street, for my viewing pleasure. Have no idea what they are shouting about but is actually a bit surprising that this is the first time it seems to have happened. Seems like these people would get shouted at more often- and since I also have a front row seat for watching them "work", I know that there is a lot of coffee drinking and telephone chatting going on, while the French government is apparently in need of 600,000 new lodgements, atleast that is what I thought I heard last night on the news. That can't be right, can it? Seems like those people should be shouting a bit louder, if so.


Sally Lomax said...

600,000! They will have to shout!

Glad you got back safely and that Santa was good to you.

Lovely pix of Ella, even if she won't sleep!! Hopefully that will change for you in the new year!


Nicole said...

Thanks Sally- and pleased to report that we have had two nearly full nights of sleep. After a very turbulent night I let her sleep the next morning til she woke up on her own and she stayed in bed til 1 in the afternoon! Amazingly that night she went to bed at 9 pm and didn't wake until 9 the next morning. My theory all along had bee that she was so tired she couldn't sleep and I think I was proven correct.

Sally Lomax said...


Well done you!!

I think you are absolutely right. Toddlers go sort of past the point of exhaustion.

Here's to a restful year!!