Saturday, January 13, 2007

I think we may have found a buyer...

I hope I'm not totally jinxing this, but we had a second visit this morning from the most adorable couple and their agent just called back to start the negotiations for the price. Freaking out a tiny bit.

This couple would be perfect for this building. The woman must be about 60 and the man is about 70. The agent told me that they are a couple of lovebirds who are looking for their first home together. They looked all around and asked lots and lots of questions and played with Ella and told me all kinds of stories about the neighborhood. Apparently he lives at Place des Vosges and she is Blvd Morland. They were so sweet and so nice. If they don't buy the house, maybe they will agree to be Ella's adoptive grandparents?

I was so irritated this morning to have to get out of bed and straight away start cleaning the house (changing sheet, folding clothes, etc) especially on a Saturday, as if already doing that every single day this week was not enough. Thank god, for once, it was worth it.


Sally Lomax said...


That's fantastic news Nicole. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Nicole said...

Thanks! Maybe I can un-cross one of my body parts now (doing all I can to move things along...)