Wednesday, August 30, 2006

too lazy to get my work done

So here we are with my first post about Paris nights. A night out clubbing, perhaps? No, maybe a jam session at the New Morning? How about teething baby and 5 treks into her room between 3 am and 5 am to give her a pat on the back and stick her pacifier back in. I am exhausted. Luckily, B got her out of bed this morning and so I managed to sleep until 10. On top of it all, we spent last night watching the Lost, Seaon 1 DVDs so I had crazy dreams all night about the polar bear stealing my baby; oddly enough, in my dream, I wasn't too bothered. Any dream interpreters out there...

I have put Ella down to bed so that I can do a major clean up around the house. Not at all motivated for this. I thought I would just be able to organize some things for my friends who arrive tomorrow morning and do the prep for the party on Friday night. No chance. Yesterday the cleaning lady was supposed to come and it is absolutely no surprise that she didn't show up. She is so unreliable that it is unbelieveable that I haven't fired her yet. She cancels atleast once a month, generally more like 2 or 3 times. Plus she is never here at the same time. She sort of wanders in sometime after lunch. BUT... she is really good with Ella and I love that I can leave her to babysit if I have something else I need to do. She knows us really well and the house and so it is really nice to have her around for that reason. I can't bring myself to fire her and then make Ella stay with someone else that isn't half as nice. But her primary job is cleaning the house and that is turning into a complete disaster. She cancels half the time, never manages to finish the ironing, doesn't scrub so much as sort of push the dirt around, very much surface cleans. I suspect that I have gotten to be a bit of a maniac about having a clean house but still. She is not very good at cleaning. I also know that it is partly my fault because I told her at the beginning that I would put things away so that she could just clean. And I do sit and chat with her whenever she is here. But still. Bad cleaning lady. She "cleans" for 6 hours a week and I spend another 6 moaning about how badly she does it. Somehow this doesn't seem like a very cost effective solution to my OCD.

I have to get just get started. Once I get those rubber gloves on, its like I am possessed. I turn into a cleaning demon. Maybe just one more game of Weboggle...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I am waiting for the baby to wake-up so that I can go and meet my shopping buddy for a twirl through Bon Marche and Ella picks today to take a long nap? She hasn't slept for longer than an hour and a half all week long and now we are going on three hours. This is insane. And yet I won't wake her up because I am so grateful that she is catching up on her sleep. Ok, maybe a little jiggle. I am desperate to get out of this house even if it means going for a 10 minute hike in the rain. Its like "The Shining" around here.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

First post

I am going to try starting a new blog. I have been pretty good about keeping my diary going over the last few years so maybe its time to try and do something a bit more serious. I think I need a new project and this might be just the thing. Also, its getting a bit difficult to keep up with all the emailing I should be doing... so lets see how this goes.