Monday, January 15, 2007

We got an offer

and B is ready to take it. I think our apartment is sold. I know I should probably go and buy a bottle of champagne now but I think I might have more need of stomach antacids. Do they sell Tums in France?

Seriously. We sat down last night to talk about what was the lowest possible offer we would accept. And that is what the buyers have agreed to pay. But still- since we can only add on another 10% in loans from the bank (due mainly to the fact that I am not working. Bad me.) I am thinking we are a bit cray-zay thinking about moving. Do we really think we are going to find something bigger in a nice neighborhood for basically the same price (since the entire loan will go to taxes and fees)?

Deep breathes. Deep breathes.

And just as an aside. B told me this as if he was telling me that he got a sandwich for lunch. Except not tuna like he wanted; his second choice sandwich. He sounded kind of uninterested and maybe a bit bummed. I had to actually have him repeat what he said and then confirm that it meant what I thought it did. He is so unimpressed by everything. He just sold this apartment and doubled his money, compared to what we paid 4 years ago. Does this not merit a bit of celebration?!! Granted- my reactions tend towards the extreme, I am probably not the best example about how to deal gracefully with intense emotion. But he couldn't get a little excited about this? A tiny little "Yahoo" wouldn't have killed him. I don't know why I even care. I guess, its just that life throws enough bad stuff at us, we should celebrate all the good things as much as possible. This is a good thing- even taking into account how chaotic things are going to be for the next couple months. We should cheer and dance and smile so big that we look like muppets with flip-top heads. Make the neighbors bang on the floor, tell us to pipe down, fer Chrissake. Throw Ella in the air, spin her in circles til she starts stumbling around like drunk garden gnome. Instead, its like he's waiting for the other shoe to drop; I think he's jinxing us. If you look for bad stuff, you'll find it. That is the truth.

I think I might need to point out to him tonight, that even if something happens and the deal falls through, no one ever reflected back on their life and regretted spending time being happy. No one ever says, Gosh, I wish that I had known things were going to go wrong SO I COULD HAVE STARTED CRYING ABOUT IT SOONER. If it goes bad, we have plenty of time to be sad later. Tonight it it champagne. And then maybe a few Tums. But definitely more champagne.

PS Nobody say congratulations yet! That will definitely jinx it. And then I will use all the sources the Internet has available to come and hunt you down. (I talk big , but I have lived with B for 10 years . )


Sally Lomax said...

No I won't say it, don't want to jinx it, but I am pleased for you.

Maybe you will find something that is a bit tired and run down, and needs a bit of work. That way you could get more for your money. Fingers crossed!!


Sally Lomax said...

BTW I've tagged you! So expect some visitors!


Doc said...

NEVER accept the first offer--they'll find more money.

Still double the value! Not bad, not bad at all

Nicole said...

In the end, the people buying it didn't actually make an offer. They just asked if we could lower the price a bit. We had already decided that we would accept 25,000 lower than our original price, but nothing lower because otherwise it really didn't make any sense for us to sell (ie we wouldn't be able to find anything in our price range in the areas we like). The agent then cut his commission and the buyers agreed to that price. We had had 3 agents in the past 2 weeks tell us that we should drop our price by 75,000 to 100,000 if we were serious about selling any time soon so we ended up pretty satisfied with the price we got. The market seems to be much slower than it has been over the last couple years. I'm pretty happy because I think we did well after only having the flat on the market for 4 weeks. Our neighbor got a better price but he had to wait 15 months. I think I would have put a bullet in my head before I spent 15 months showing the flat.