Wednesday, January 17, 2007

5 things that you didn't know about me

I have been tagged by Sally and actually, have been fairly interested in reading everyone else's replies to this so I could not let her down. Have been scouring my brain to come up with 5 little known facts.

1. I speak Spanish. Not a very well known fact, since I have forgotten nearly everything I ever learned, or atleast it seems that way. I studied Spanish from the age of 12 until 19. I did 2 years of Higher Level IB and was predicted a 7 (genius level- kidding) but ended up with a 4 (barely passing). I was convinced that my Spanish teacher was not being 100% altruistic when he repeatedly asked me to come to his office after classes for extra help for the final exams. Why so sceptical? The "extra tutoring" was scheduled in a deserted building at 8 or 9 at night. Hmmm. Anyone else smell a rat? Then after finishing school, I thought about travelling around South America with a girlfriend to work on my Spanish (purely a working holiday...) and my parents nixed that idea. So I came to Paris. Never left. Never spoke any more Spanish.

2. I don't have a toe nail on either of my pinkie toes. When I was a kid, my cousins would tease me and tease me about this but I didn't ever really get it. Big deal. No toe nail. But I guess I always figured I better keep it on the down low, just in case this was universally recognized as freaky. It still doesn't really bother me. Cuts down my pedicure time by 20%. What's bad about that?

3. The first concert I ever went to was Joan Jett. I was only 12 and me and my friend Renee went with her oldest sister (I have no idea why the sister ever agreed to take us.) It was super scary because we were surrounded by drunk college students screaming and dancing and puking. But "I love Rock 'n Roll" will always hold a special place in my heart.
My second concert was Nelson. My friend Laurissa was in love with them and asked me to go with her to the concert and I have no idea why I went. Then we managed to get front row seats and my friend is such a babe that they spent the entire concert making eyes at her and hanging out on our side of the stage. And then afterwards some roadie, I guess, came up to us and asked us to come backstage to meet them. And then my mom said, no way and we had to go home. But I bought a T-shirt that I wore to bed for months.

4. I was a Girl Scout for like 11 years. I even got to go to some big Jamboree at the Kennedy Center in DC when I was about 10 to celebrate the 100 years of Girl Scouting or something like that. I had tons of badges, but my leader was a total flake so basically we would just tell her that we did the stuff and give her the money for the badges and she would order them for us. I totally think she was using the cash for pot.

5. I remember the first time that I ever swore (Renee's 9th birthday party, I said God as we were walking down her driveway, talking trash about the Amish kids that lived across the street. Such a bunch of Catholic school badasses.) I remember the first time I stole (I took a piece of gum from my friend Amy's brothers desk when I was like 6. I don't even like gum so I don't know what that was all about). I remember my first kiss (Afterwards, he said "Hey I think you need to chew on some gum." then I think my head went up in flames. Then he said, "Oh, hey, I was just kidding around."). But I barely remember the first time I had sex (like the part where I decided to do it with that guy on that night remains a total mystery to me. I have no idea what was in my head. Although I think I remember that there was a lot of tequila sloshing around in there. So maybe thats my answer?)

There's other stuff that's far more interesting and unknown, but back to that ole anonymous thing. Sometimes stuff is not widely known for a reason...

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Sally Lomax said...

Great reply Nicole!!

Love the first kiss! Hilarious. Mean boy!!

Will you tag anyone else?