Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bought another pair of boots

This morning, B and I jumped out of bed at 8:30, which for us is like the break of dawn, and got Ella off to garderie so that we could run over to Bon Marche to do a bit of shopping. Originally, we had hoped to be visiting an apartment in the 3rd- well, apartment is sort of big word for what is apparently an empty warehouse tacked on to the back of a very dilapidated building just near the Square du Temple. But it is in our price range, is 200 m², with the possibility of adding on a terrasse of 85m² as well as recuperating all the space in the attic. We could do something incredibly amazing and I for one spent all of last night wildly fantasizing about the possibilities. (you know you are middle aged when your fantasies are less hot oiled bodies on deserted beaches and a bit more square footage and carpet samples.) Now, if only the agent would set up a visit. I don't know what the story is but no luck for this morning.

All the better. B had been nagging me for the last week to go and buy some more Juliette stories for him to read to Ella. B is so tired of reading the same 4 stories to Ella every night that he truly thought it worth a morning off work to go and buy a few more books. I am not sure if this makes him a really awesome dad or just a man with very few hobbies/imagination. I needed to return the pair of boots I had bought.

We went straight to the shoe section and returned them no problem, which is something I love at this store. They NEVER make a fuss, unlike 99% of the shops in Paris. I quickly started grabbing other pairs and waving them at B, asking what he liked. He is generally really good help when I shopping but I knew he was dying to go down to the children's section so I had to work fast. In the end I found a perfect pair of black equestrian style boots from St Germain, but what I like is that they aren't as stiff as a lot of pairs I tried on. The leather is really soft and they squish up a bit. I mentioned that my Repetto slippers were thrown out because I had worn them so much so B told me to get a pair of those while we were there. See why I love shopping with him? Then he went and picked out a dozen Juliette story books and we came home.

In the shop I didn't bother trying on the boots she brought out to me since I figured that I had made B wait long enough and I just wanted to pay and leave. So guess what? The boot I didn't try has something wrong with the heel and every time I try and put my foot in, it sort of crumples up instead of keeping the heel shape. Its not impossible to wear them, but clearly its a fault in the construction. So I will have to go back one more time. I have tried everything to fix it, including stuffing giant kitchen spoons in with my foot to try and keep the heel up but even if it had worked, I am not entirely sure that would be a successful long term solution. Will wait til B gets home tonight and ask if he has any ideas- I don't know if I have mentioned here that he is quite the MacGyver. Who knows, maybe he'll think of some trick involving gum, paper clips, and lighter fluid and I won't have to schelp across Paris yet again.

Editted: Who needs B? I took a nap this afternoon and dreamed up a contraption all by myself. I found a shoe horn in this shoe shining kit I had bought B last year, I took a long meat fork from the kitchen and duct taped them together and Voila! Boot is on!! Honestly, this blog is like Survivor for the Ladies who Lunch.

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