Monday, January 29, 2007

Silver lining

B took off work this morning so that we could go and look at that space near Square du Temple. I loved it. LOVED it. It was absolutely perfect for us- lots of work but it would have been the most amazing apartment. B was hesitating because of the roof, the coproprieté, the price. But even he was ready to make an offer (much lower than the asking price anyways).

Then his phone rang and the agent who sold our apartment told him that the buyers for our place had backed out.

I have to admit that we didn't burst into tears. Because I'm not working and we can't get any loans, we were stressing out over the fact that we might not find something to buy that was in any way better than the place in which we are currently living. Even the great place we saw this morning would not be ours if they didn't lower the price a lot. But the good news about the cancellation is that we might get paid an indemnity from the buyers. Normally, if they were going to cancel the sale, they had until Friday to do it. The agent said that they cancelled yesterday. We would get paid about 85,000 euros if they missed the deadline, which really softens the blow.

Thank god we didn't book our hotel for the Maldives yet. Paradise Island would just be a band-aid. I think I will only be able to get over this terribly stressful experience by spending two weeks in 5 star luxury at the Banyon Tree. It is true what they say about there always being a silver lining.

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Sally Lomax said...


It's fate Nicole. You are meant to stay there for now. it will priobalby be much less stressful in the long run!