Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New hair cut, new attitude

I just got back from a lovely afternoon at the hairdressers. Actually had plans to meet up with a friend who is leaving Paris very shortly but I cancelled, having decided that things had reached a critical stage and I could not inflict myself on the public eye any longer. I have been going to the same person for about, oh, 8 years now and if he decided to leave Paris, I really would have through myself from a bridge. The joy, the pure joy, of being able to sit down and say, with no fear, "Do whatever you want." He delivers every single time. Guy, at Toni & Guy St Germain is, for me, the best haircutter in Paris. Love love love him.

So now I have gorgeous shiny hair and no place to go. The constant low-grade stress that I am inflicting on myself has me totally worn out and I am definitely not motivated enough to call a babysitter so B and I (and my new hair) can go out for dinner tonight. Will just have to sleep standing up so it will still be nice tomorrow for a big Thursday night at Les Planches*.

Will also need to run back to Bon Marché tomorrow morning and return those boots that I bought. I am so mad that I cannot find something nicer for a decent price. I think instead I'll just pick up a pair of black ballet flats from Salvatore Ferragamo that I tried on the other day. They are practical, since they are flat, but sort of cool and quirky in "I just stole these off my Grandma" kind of way. And some little top as well. I'm realizing that my closet is getting a little heavy on the Afternoon in the Park clothes, to the detriment of the Nights in a Smoky Bar clothes.

Hmmm. Maybe I should rethink the grandma flats? When I was at Printemps on Monday I saw that they were having a pretty awesome sale on their designer shoes. They had the most beautiful stilletos from Gina (of London). I tried on a pair of oyster satin pumps covered in round crytals and a pair of canary yellow silk/rhinestone sandals, either one of which I would have very happily sacrificed a night of marital harmony for (B says NO MORE RIDICULOUS STILETTOS, since I have what can only be described as a very wonky ankle after multiple sprains and a shrill whine around 3 am when we can't find a taxi home and he's trying to get me to walk.)

*Am praying that my girlfriends decide to go somewhere else tomorrow night because I do not want to spend another night in that horrible horrible bar. But, in the interest of keeping my social life alive, I will sacrifice one of my rare nights out and go meet my friends there if I must. Those girls will do the stupidest shit for a few free Cosmos. Don't tell them I said so...

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