Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why are the French crazy for the sales this year?

Just found a really good link and I can't wait to get the time to do some trolling through the archive. Lots of good advice to kick the New Year off right:

I am sneaking away from an urgent project because I just lost about 20 minutes worth of work and am tempted to kick my computer. Arg!! I'm desperately trying to put together my Christmas photo album on kodakgallery so that I can order it 25% off- offer ends tonight!- but twice now, the site has 'logged me out' while I was working and the screen suddenly goes to an error message, erasing everything I did since my last save. This is the reason why i like, you do the work on your home computer, not online, and only when done, do you go online to upload. But kodak is cheap. Sigh. If I didn't have to economize my pennies for the sales, I would be happily writing witty photo captions on Snapfish right now...

So yeah, the sales. I managed to drag myself to the shops for an hour or two this afternoon. I didn't want to have to go outside and deal with the freezing cold weather, but I figured I needed the exercise after giving into temptation last night and eating an entire (mini) Moelleux au Chocolat from Picard (B was home late or I would never have had the chance of eating the whole thing.) So I braved the cold, missed the bus, ended up jogging three bus stops because it was too bloody cold to just stand still and wait for the next bus to come. And when I got to Bon Marche, it was a mad scene. I have never, ever seen that place so insanely busy. What's up Parisians? Why the sudden consumer lust? I literally had to shuffle through the shop as the crowds were too thick to walk normally.

It was even more surprising to find no line at the JP Tod stand. Normally on the first day of sales, when no one is in the stores, you spend 10 minutes waiting your turn. I suppose it was because they were already sold out of everything. I bought a pair of shoes that I wanted in black and they only had in grey, because I refuse to pay full price for this brand and after all my efforts to get there, I couldn't very well go home empty handed. The nice thing about Bon Marche is that you can return sale items no problem so I'll give it a think tonight and take them back tomorrow if I change my mind.

I ran down to the kids section to see if I could see anything good for the girls. I ended up getting a few pair leggings at Bonpoint because I realized this morning, after emptying out her closet, that my little lumberjack has outgrown nearly every pair of winter pants that I have. Good thing I didn't have much cash on me because as I stood in line, I saw that they had Baby Chloe on 50% off. OMG. I love every single thing in that collection. And since 90% is totally useless for the lifestyle of your average baby (white scalloped linen dress with pale apricot colored cashmere and silk cardy?) I shouldn't buy any of it. But if it is still there tomorrow, I can't make any promises...

And this baby is messing with me- she slept from 8pm yesterday til 10 this morning, waking at 3:30 for some water (and about 30 minutes of half hearted squeaking) and 7:20 for her bottle. Now I may have all this good scheduling get flushed down the toilet, as garderie started up again this week. She only napped 45 minutes today as she was there in the afternoon and will need to be roused from bed early to go again tomorrow morning. Aiyiyi. I am crossing everything and hoping that it won't make any difference.

Ok, back to the saltmines. The sitter is leaving and I have to get on that photo project.

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