Monday, January 04, 2010

The It Bag

I don't know if I dare report it here, in case that will jinx everything, but here goes. Lets live dangerously in 2010. Georgia slept from 8:30 last night til 9 this morning, with only a bit of squeaking at 5:45 for her morning bottle. For me, that qualifies last night as a raging success as far as my efforts to get her on a liveable sleep schedule. Now, lets see if we can turn this into a pattern. Even if I only get one night a week of normal sleep I'll be happy, so with those kind of low expectations, I should come out of this a winner, I think.

Since I slept so well, I'm going to attack the biggest item on my To Do list this morning- exchange one of my Christmas presents. This is actually a more daunting task than it would first appear- the present in question is a Chanel purse which will necessitate a visit to the boutique on rue Cambon. Remember yesterday when I mentioned that, sartorially-speaking, I've let things slide a bit. That means that I can't just grab the receipt and walk out the door, I've got to prepare myself. I've got to look like a person who ought to be carrying a Chanel bag. I've been laying awake at night for the past week or so thinking about this and I think that I can approach this in one of two ways:

a. une dame du 16eme, brushing impec, manicure, heels, crisp white shirt peeking out from under my cashmere coat, fresh from the pressing. Possibly holding a small yippy dog on a leash? or

b. Cool, street style, as featured in this week's edition of Voici (I knew that my subscription would come in handy one day!) and illustrated with photos of Vanessa Paradis, Clemence Poesy, Lindsay Lohan, and Sarah JP with their sacs Chanel, accessorized by skinny black jeans, baggy t-shirt hanging from their boney shoulders, and long expensively messy hair.

a. Hair salon and pressing are closed for the day and I have no time for a manicure. Despise yippy dogs.

b. Do not weigh 40 kilos and probably never will, therefore look mostly sausage-like rather than svelte in similar outfit. Also, due to bad haircuts Jan-Oct 2009, hair is about 18 inches shorter than necessary for this look.

What to do, internet? And this is not even the hardest question. The BIG question is, which sac do I get? Must admit to not being terribly on top of the whole Chanelmania thing. All I know is that I absolutely hate those stupid bags that Lily Allen is holding in all the ads, the ones that look like duffel coats, folded in half. Am thinking that if I want to know what is the coolest bag to have, with such limited time for research, I'll just do a search of Ebay. Whichever model has the most fakes being sent from Hong Kong is the one I need to buy.

Of course, if you have any advice, post ASAP in the comments. I'll be busy for the next few hours, standing in my underwear in my closet, rejecting one piece of clothing after another...


misschris said...

haha well, a bag is a very personal thing tastewise. I love Chanel though.

Congratulations on your new addition btw ;) I was just reading through your "Year" You've been busy !

afoos said...

I totally didn't even know you were pregnant! Congrats! I looks like Georgia and my Alice are only a month apart in age?

Nicole said...

Yes, the girls are practically the same age- although they should be much closer since Georgia was ridiculously overdue! In fact, it got to the point that I had to throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the clinic, since the midwife group I was working in didn't believe in unnecessary interventions like inducing. However, all the people who had flown in to help me with the kids were due to leave the country and that stupid baby still hadn't been born.