Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slowly working my way back to human

I think that Georgia may also have caught my gastro. Although she hasn't vomited, she was awake about every hour last night, yelling. If her stomach hurt half as much as mine, I understand. Luckily, B agreed to do 100% of baby duty last night, and with a pair of earplugs in, I managed to get a solid night's sleep. Unfortunately, she is still acting sick this morning. Plus she has some weird rash on her wrist, which looks like impetigo. PLUS her one eye was crusty when she woke up this morning and I think it looks like conjunctivitis. Honestly, I feel like explaining to her that its one thing to wake us up at night if she is super cute, but right now she is all crusty and gross and her popularity has taken a nose-dive.

The only good thing about all this is that it is such an awesome diet; I'll have lost more weight in the past two days than I did in the past two months. I know, I know. There are plenty of people dying to tell me that it isn't real weight loss. I don't care. Its just the motivation I need to get back to the gym. Honestly, if I follow this up with a week of Bikram Yoga, I'll be at my goal weight by the end of the month- atleast for the half hour after I leave yoga (again, shut up! I know that its only water weight that you lose, but I am not fussy about how I get that magic number on the scale).

And since February ski vacation is just around the corner, I can follow up my pseudo-regime with some serious workouts soon enough. Thats if I manage to book the holiday. We cancelled our original plans because a good friend told me that they would be in town that week and now I've lost my momentum for the project. I keep thinking, 'Exactly how much fun is it going to be to leave freezing cold Paris for the freezing cold mountains, spending an entire day each way in the car, only to be trapped in an ugly ski station apartment where I have to do twice as much work as at home with absolutely no nights off to relax, since I won't have a sitter?!?" So I asked B if he wouldn't like to go alone with Ella and leave me and Georgia here in Paris. He wasn't too excited about that idea. So now, we are thinking of going to a hotel with a daycare center and doing demi-pension so that I don't have to worry about cooking/cleaning and we can leave the girls whenever we feel like it so that we can ski together and go out to eat alone together at night. Now, that sounds more like a vacation. However, the hardest part remains. Which ski station should we go to? I wanted to go to Switzerland this year but don't know anything about the Swiss ski stations. For the time being we are leaning towards Meribel, but it is so far away. And then I want to find a really nice hotel, but not so expensive that B shouts at me. Obviously, this is going to have to wait til I feel better. Even just explaining the problem has exhausted all my mental energy. Feel free to leave advice. I am hoping that there is a travel agent reading right now, who generously offers to organize the whole thing for me and all I have to do is pack our bags.

I'm heading back to bed for a nap while Georgia is quiet in her room. Normally blogging to resume soon, I hope.

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