Friday, January 15, 2010


Except, not especially, since I don't have a sitter on Saturday and B works and there is no daycare or school so Saturday is sort of the longest day of the week for me.

BUT I am having that weekend feeling right now, despite it having started out as a fairly ordinary day. For no apparent reason, I was feeling a bit draggy after getting Ella home from school. Georgia let us have an uniterrupted night's sleep and when she did squeak for her bottle, B heard her first and Ididn't even wake-up until he was sliding back into bed. I took a nice long walk this afternoon as I am still trying to determine the whereabouts of the artisan who built us a gorgeous sidetable/buffet table a few years ago (Mr Lebrun from the shop Tramp, in the 3rd, formerly located on rue Rosiers. Possibly now in the 12th on faubourg St Antoine. Ring any bells for anyone???) and who I would like to find so that he can build us a matching table to go behind the sofa. Anyways, no luck today but it was a nice walk.

So I got home feeling sleepy and Ella said, "Mommy, I think you need to take a rest." And I thought, she's right. I do need a rest. So rather than sit down and attack that photo album (still spread all over the dining room table...) I slept for an hour, while Shirley played with the girls in Ella's room so that I couldn't hear them. When I woke up, I put together a lovely dinner from all the nice things I bought at the Italian traiteur up on rue Bretagne, one of the nicest in Paris, IMO. Then I poured myself a glass of wine and now I am very lazily updating my blog while the girls splash in the tub. Normally, I would have them out and dressed by now, but since I am feeling very weekend-ish, I'll leave them til B gets home so he can take half the work.

There he is. Have a good weekend.

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