Monday, January 18, 2010

Design dilemma

This weekend, we decided that it was time to move the mattress to the lowest position in the crib as Georgia is likely to figure out any day now how to pull herself up while in her sleep sack. Atleast that is what B thinks. I think that she is a bit like a turtle when she is on her back. She cannot seem to figure out that all she has to do is roll on to her tummy and then she can sit up. Right now, she lays there yelling and tries to use her abs of steel to sit straight up. Maybe its not stupidity though. She seems to be ornery like her mommy so maybe its become a principle thing?

ANYHOO- when we put down the mattress, I was suddenly confronted with the dilemma, what do I do with the crib skirt? I had always planned to just hem it up at this point, but now, I think it looks really strange. On the otherhand, I also think that the bed looks strange with nothing. Due to the amount of sewing involved, I am leaning towards no bed skirt. What do you all think?

(PS: to see what the crib looked like before, go here.)
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Maria Killam said...

I like the skirt, it's so fluffy! And it works without one too!

Nicole said...

Oh, its good to have someone else's opinion. I love how fluffy it is as well, I think it looks so girly. Maybe I'll just get out the sewing machine and dig myself into a few projects. I've also been thinking that the curtains look a bit blah and would be much better with a ruffled edge- but I've put off deciding since it would be a rather big job.
Of course the biggest job of all that I've been hesitating over is changing the wall color. If I start the sewing, it gives me an excuse to put off that project!