Thursday, January 07, 2010


That was the sound of the toilet flushing all my efforts away. After basically abandoning our schedule and napping a mere 45 minutes yesterday, Georgia woke at 3:30am and shouted for an hour until both B and I were lying there wide awake, whisper-screaming at each other as we debated whether we should go in and quiet her down or let her CIO. We tried giving her water twice, going in and shushing her three times, and finally giving in and giving her her bottle at 4:30.

Once again, we are whipped.


Mother Huddle said...

Hi is it okay if we become friends? Because I have been searching for someone to live vicariously through, and they have to live in Paris.
On the sleeping bit...I found the sleep bible of all sleep bibles...
The Sleep Easy is a link:

sorry that was long!!
Anyhoo that book saved my life, literally. If you do just as it says it will work, everyone I have referred it to has had success.
it is for ages 4 months to five years.
Anyways, you will be seeing more of me!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the sleep advice. Like I said, I am up for anything. Generally, the books focusing on getting babies to sleep, and we have no problem with that- she lays down and closes her eyes. I need help making her stay asleep; as soon as something wakes her up, she is done. Which obviously is a bit of a problem at 3 am...
Will keep you updated!!!