Monday, January 04, 2010

She might not have figured out the sleep thing, but boy can this kid eat. She is currently hanging at my arm and begging for another sip of my green tea. As I tend to do, I let her taste it- expecting that she will immediately spit out her mouthful, when she realizes how bitter and upappetizing it is. No such luck. She smacked her lips and said, 'Yummmm!' Same thing for red wine sucked off my finger; a pickle; an olive; gingerbread cookies; fois gras; etc Last night, I decided to let her sit with us at the table as we ate and feed her at the same time since she has taken to eating two plates of food at each meal- her own, specially prepared baby meal followed by everything she begs off of me, her sister and her dad as we try to eat our meal. She is a bottomless pit, I tell you, which is clear by her rather pot-like shape. So cute though.
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