Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Entering the temple of fashion

So, I made my decision in record time- I traded in my Classic Jumbo for a Small 2.55 Revisited. The minute I saw the 2.55, I LOVED it and my decision was made. I love the straps, even though they don't have the classic leather and chain look that I automatically associate with Chanel bags. The leather is also purposely aged, which I think looks so much better than the shiny Classic. And there isn't the CC logo, just a very discret 'Chanel' engraved under the latch. It is 100% me. And its a really good size too- I can use if for day when I am running around but its not too big for taking out at night. The Jumbo, if you can tell from the photo, is kind of enormous. The shop on rue Cambon was completely sold out of the middle size so I don't know if that would have been better but I don't care. I am in love with my purse, which has already had its first outing (supermarket, natch. Ah, the glamorous life that I lead...).

And any guesses as to what I wore for my maiden visit to the temple of Chanel? Let me take you out of your suspense. My mom jeans, my Geox, and underneath my jacket, my nice warm cardy from Comptoir des Cotoniers. I almost laughed out loud when I was on the bus, on my way, and I realized that i had worn exactly what I had originally planned to avoid. In my defense, it was about -10 degrees yesterday and since I ended up having to take Georgia with me, I need to take the bus, which means that I needed to walk quite a bit and I don't know. I have no imagination, I suppose. Despite being a Northwoods girl, the cold freezes my brain and all I can think about is warmth and comfort. Of course, with little Gigi charming the pants off the staff, no one gave me a second glance.

Ooo- speaking of which. There is a pretty weird crowd hanging out at Chanel. There was one woman with what looked like a grey nose, slightly bandaged- possibly in recovery from a nose job. Super creepy. Then another woman had something like burn marks over half her face, I wonder if it was a chemical peel? Then the Asian girls dressed in 7 or 8 layers of designer clothing, difficult to tell if this was to combat the cold or maximize their fashion cred by wearing every piece of expensive clothing they owned at one time. There were, of course, several ropey old women stumbling around in high-heeled boots and fur coats and sunglasses. And one staff member who was clearly dressed head to toe in Chanel, but since she was only about 5 feet tall and had curves (ie, had pretty much the opposite of the figure these clothes were designed for) she looked like she belonged in the Munchkin Village in the Wizard of Oz- strong ressemblence to the Mayor-with flaming red hair to boot! Even my best efforts to dress the part would have left me severely lacking so I think its best that I just went au naturelle.

And just for those keeping track, Georgia once again managed an almost full night of sleep, waking at 4:50, when I gave her some water, and then squeaking again at 5:20, when I gave her a bottle. Internets, I have another question: after summer vacay when she regressed to demanding 2 bottles a night, I made a resolution to not give her a bottle before 6 am, reasoning that she was eating plenty and didn't need any food before then. So I would get up numerous times between 4 and 6 trying to lull her back to sleep with various techniques, only giving her a bottle (which would generally put her back to sleep) when the magic number appeared on the clock. Since we are still slighlty jetlagged, I've allowed this rule to slide for the time being, but would it be wiser to just give in and let her have her bottle at whatever time she first wakes-up? Or am I creating a monster? I just want to crack this nut before she turns one.

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Rachel said...

i love your description of the women shopping in the Chanel shop- hilarious!
thanks for your comment on my blog today

Nicole said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on mine!