Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Little girls in matching dresses

I used to think that I was a little bit mean, dressing my girls in matching outfits. I just couldn't help it- whenever I would find an cute outfit for one of the girls that had something similar in a size for the other, I would buy it. And it makes for nice photos.

All of which is demonstrated by the photos, accompanying this article. And since the article is in Vogue, clearly that is proof that kids in matching outfits is not naff, it is uber-cool. How nice to figure this out right before I start doing some serious sale shopping ;-)

Inspired idea- how awesome would it be to get a pic of the girls on a grey rainy day, in the park, wearing matching yellow raincoats?
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Traci said...

It is so uber-cool ... says the mom of twins who used to change them both if one spit up! :-)
Traci Zeller

Nicole said...

If I had twins, those poor kids would be wearing matching outfits til they got to college. Whats worse is that I've dragged a few of my friends into this as well, by giving them matching outfits for their girls, which then got them sucked into the cuteness as well. I should know better- my dad is a twin and he at 60 years old he will still complain about the fact that his mom did this to him. But thats what therapy is for, right?