Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do you say in French 'Take your child back'?

Another hellish night. B got the gastro and cannot vomit without producing the most horrific howl, thereby waking up everyone within a three block radius. Do I need to point out that a certain baby who sleeps very lightly was awake for the whole show? And she stayed up an extra two hours just to be sure that there wasn't an encore. I don't know who I was most irritated with at 3 am last night, when I finally gave in and shoved a bottle in Georgia's mouth. Atleast it shut her up for three hours. Unfortunately, I was so stressed out by this point that I lay awake in bed for another hour trying to relax enough to fall back asleep.

I wouldn't have been so desperate last night if I hadn't made the mistake of inviting a friend of Ella's over for a playdate today. I sent a note home with her friend last week, since Ella had been begging me to let her have a friend over. The mother called while I was weak with the gastro and I guess I must have been half mad with fever. The mom is divorced and works. When I realized this, I asked her if it would be easier for the little girl to just come over after school one day (thinking it would take too much organization for her to organize with the sitters/daycare for a wednesday playdate). The mom said, 'no, no, no. Wednesday is fine.' OK, I agreed, Wednesday was probably nicer for us as well, it would help to fill up the day. She said she had to leave for work at 8, so she would drop of the little girl on her way but she wouldn't be able to pick her back up til about 6 pm, was that too late? GOOD GOD- 8?!! 8 AM?!!! What kind of lunatic drops off a kid for a playdate at 8 bloody o'clock in the morning. In shock, I assured her that 6 pm was no problem. (Well, it wasn't. 8 am was the problem). And she said, 'Great, see you Wednesday at 8 then.' Click.

So on top of sleeping a grand total of 6 hours last night, I get to babysit for free and with no hope of reciprocation for an extra kid today. Want to know what really bugs me? The little girl told me that they have a nanny on Wednesdays that comes to their house. So why oh why am I stuck in this horrible situation? I clearly need to look up 'playdate' in my French/English dictionary because it seems like maybe I accidentally told the other mom I was interested in adopting another child.

In all fairness, this child is a lovely, sweet little girl. I don't know why I am so bent out of shape about having her around, when clearly the child that needs to find a new home is Georgia.


PutYourFlareOn said...

If you find a home for Georgia can you see if they want Alixe too? :) She's been awake for over 6 hours. The crazies have moved into my head now.

Nicole said...

Definitely :-)

Bear in mind, Alixe is still little enough that you have hope that things will improve. Georgia is about to the age where I'm having to reconcile myself to the fact that she will never sleep as peacefully as her older sister, meaning I will never sleep as well either.
By the way, we tried the osteopathe as well, but it didn't seem to do anything. Did you see any improvement?

PutYourFlareOn said...

We've been once to the osteo and so far nothing significant but I'll give a couple more visits to see. At 60 bucks a pop I hope something happens.

You've probably tried everything w Georgia but my friend's son was a poor sleeper and at 13 mos she said enough. I gave her a book called healthy sleep habits, happy child. It works children a diffrents stages in their sleep development and with in a week she got her kid sleeping on his own and staying asleep. I used it w max and it worked great. Alixe is a little too small to start the routines in the book but I plan on putting her through sleep boot camp very soon. It's an easy ready and helpful when you are dealing w jet lag, sickness, etc... There is an index and you can look stuff up.

Anyway, you're def not alone on the lack of sleep. Georgia can still learn to sleep. Don't dispair.

Ps. Her name is really beautiful!