Monday, January 11, 2010

Man down!

Ugh- I think that karma has done this to me. On Saturday night, after B and went out to dinner* and drank a bit too much wine, I really needed a goods night rest. I figured that I would get it since the girls have been sleeping so well. Naturally, they ended up tag-teaming us all night long. Georgia was no big surprise, its her normal schtick. Ella, on the other hand, was really getting me mad. She kept waking me up with her screaming and when I would go stumbling into her room, she would tell me that her belly was hot and she was going to puke. Now, in my defense, this is Ella's Go To excuse, whenever she doesn't want to do something. She does puke alot and so she knows that it gets me nervous when she says that, but in the middle of the night she often says this when she wakes up a bit hot. By the fourth time I got called into her room around 5, I was furious. I was exhausted and not up for any of her shenanigans so I told her that I didn't want to here one more peep out of her OR ELSE.

I was woken up at 7:45 to the sound of her puking out her guts.

About 7 pm that day, I started to have the most horrible stomach cramps and I've spent the entire day today bent in half and lingering around the toilet door, sure that I'm going to start vomiting everything I've eaten in 2010. So, is there a lesson in this? I'll tell you- once my dear husband walks in the door and relieves me. Naturally, he is about 30 minutes late getting home and, I promise you, this was not the day to make me watch the clock.

*We ended up heading over to our old 'hood, the 9th around avenue Trudaine, and just wandering til we found some place with a free table. Purely by accident, we passed in front of Table 28, the restuarant that everyone has been talking about. I figured since it has been talked up so much, there was no point in going just to have to deal with the snotty, too-cool-for-school attitude that you get in trendy restos. How shocking to find that they were totally the opposite. I've never been refused a table with so much warmth and charm! We will definitely go back, next time with a reservation and I hope that their food is half as nice as their service.

We ended up eating Le Table d'Anvers, which used to be a very very fancy place and since we moved, has been renovated and re-done to be more casual. The price was right and the entire place was empty, so we went in and had an excellent meal. By the time we left, there were people at probably 8 or 9 tables, but I was shocked that the place seemed so overlooked. The food was good quality and original, without being weird, the music was great, the waiter was lovely. If only B and I hadn't both forgotten our wallets (luckily, by scraping through our pockets for money we managed to cover the bill...) we would have had a perfect meal. As it was, we ended up making choices that matched our suddenly limited budget. I can tell, you don't regret having my student days behind me.

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