Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My favorite dinner


This is absolutely my favorite eating-in dinner- Roasted Cod with Hollandaise and Fennel Puree. I was reading someone's blog today discussing Thanksgiving dinner and they were appalled by the idea that something as disgusting as fennel could possibly be included in the menu. That entry must have lodged itself in my brain, because when I went to the grocery store this afternoon and started wandering through the aisles looking for inspiration, I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I saw the fennel.
If only the recipe was a little bit healthier- you are supposed to saute the fennel in a half cup of butter, before pureeing it and adding a half cup of cream. I suppose one could play around and try to cut the butter down to the bare minimum and add 0% yogurt instead of cream. But I hate doing that to my favorite dishes. I feel like its better to eat the real thing on very rare occasions rather than gorge myself on some pathetic substitute every other day.
B always makes it very easy for me- I looked at the bowl when I finished pureeing everything and I figured I would be eating it for the rest of the week. He took seconds (plus, I suspect, a few more spoonfuls during the transfer to the tupperware) and he has told me that there should be just enough for Ella tomorrow for lunch.
He is awful that way- if there is anything nice left on the table he'll very discreetly polish it off while in the kitchen straightening up. If I didn't keep a bit of an eye on things, he'd probably weigh 800 pounds by now. Posted by Picasa

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