Friday, November 03, 2006

Admin Friday

Today I have a pile of "admin" work on my desk to get through; making appointments, returning emails, organizing the wine tasting dinner, buying plane tickets. I put this stuff off as long as I can and with any luck I can do it all this afternoon while Ella is at daycare and be done with it for atleast a week or two. I wish I had an assistant who did shit like this for me. It would be totally worth the price.

This is fantasy I can get off on- no more paper work, no standing in line at the post office, I would obviously have her do the grocery shopping. I could have her do all the returns for the clothes that I decide not to keep. She would be in charge of firing the cleaning ladies (I am slightly irritated at Shirley, the current femme de menage, for cancelling Tuesday's cleaning in order to spend the entire day at someone else's house), which is becoming a full-time job in and of itself.

Top of the list today is plane tickets. I found really well-priced tickets for Ella and I for Christmas and asked B if he wanted me to book them today, along with his, if he could give me his dates. He sort of shrugged and mumbled and generally indicated that he didn't want to talk about it- which ALWAYS sets me off. If he would just say "no, don't do it today" I would love it. But instead I have to beg and plead to find out what is going on. He finally said that he didn't know if he would actually be flying back to the States with us for Christmas because he thought it would be too much to spend, since we have so many taxes to pay between now and Christmas. Obviously, this is a huge thing, cancelling Christmas with us but he acted like it was just some minor detail he hadn't quite decided on yet. And the worst part was that he was using the excuse of not having any money for tickets but then he had asked me last night to look into booking a weekend away in Sardaigne at the beginning of December. I think that I am just going to call his bluff and buy my tickets and let him sort out the rest himself. Honestly, I don't believe for one second that he wants to miss Christmas with Ella. I think that his father has probably been complaining about us not being in France for the holidays and rather than mention that to me (which I don't care about anyways) he is trying a different tack. Its not going to happen, so he might as well just give in now and buy a damn plane ticket rather than doing it at the lastminute like he did this summer.
Thank god that I kept my American Express card - I know, I am only supposed to use it in emergencies but in my world, missing Christmas at home constitutes an emergency.

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