Sunday, November 05, 2006

Even though all I wanted to do last night was lay on the sofa, eating take-out Indian dinner, and watching some stupid DVD from the Videobox on the corner, I had babysitter coming so B and I decided that we would force ourselves to go out and do something.

Actually, I really had wanted to see the new Alain Chabat film and it came out on Wednesday so a quick check on showed it playing at 8:30 at Les Halles and we grabbed our coats and dashed out the door. After dragging myself for miles through the Chatelet metro station on Thursday nights to go to knitting class, I refused to take the metro to the cinema. I love the metro, I take it whenever I can, I prefer the metro over a car for almost every single voyage I need to make in the city(because my impatience far outweighs my snobbisme) but I have very rapidly developed an aversion to Chatelet. Maybe its because I've been walking through there at the end of the day when walking through the tunnels is like wading through a human swamp. Its not just the smell, the air actually feels thick. Disgusting.

Last night was one of those gorgeous fall nights when there are no clouds so the moon was as bright as the street lights. It was cold but not so cold that you could see your breath, just right for walking. And I love walking through the Marais at night when there are almost no cars and you can just stroll down the middle of the streets, peaking in people's windows. So after arguing about time constraints -I swore that it would take us 10 minutes to get through the station to the cinema, and since the walk was only 20 minutes, it was very possibly faster to just go on foot. B just said, "You're wrong" and "Those heels are too high for you to walk in, we'll never make it in time." Oh, ye of little faith. We did walk and we did get there in 20 minutes, but there were only 6 seats left for the movie by the time we got to the front of the line. No way was I going to sit in the front row for the film so we decided to quick go over to Opera to see the movie there at 9:30. And to go there we had to take the metro so we ended up wading through the stench after all. Seriously, they should sell Hazmat suits at the entrance.

We got tickets for the movie at the next place and it was totally worth the hassle that it took. We loved the movie (I thought that the whole adoption storyline seemed a bit confusing. I definitely feel like it was added as an afterthought and it didn't really make sense.) But it was excellent for a French film. Most of the time I think that French films are just a lot of mutual masturbation. Everyone thinks everyone else is great and they don't actually do any editting so there are about 10 minutes of really great cinema and an hour and a half of blah blah blah. Its such a shame because there a so many films I think I would love if instead of filming the rough draft of the script, they actually did one or two re-writes before starting the cameras rolling. This film, was really well editted and there was almost nothing extraneous. I am totally not a cinephile so that is the sum total of my opinion on French Cinema.

Which makes my addiction to Voici and all the gossip about French cinema stars all the more pathetic...

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