Friday, November 10, 2006

Georgina Goodman python heels

Thanks to La Coquette, I managed to make it to the Maria Luisa braderie before they sold every single thing in the shop. There wasn't much choice when I got there this afternoon, but still, SO HARD to make a decision. Thank god I had a hair appointment or I might still be standing there with 6 pairs of heels lined up in front of me, doing calculations in my head to squeeze the most shoes out of the remaining euros in my bank account. Seriously, 50 euro for these heels? Insane.
Also got a pair of Manolo's, but they are a bit more summery so they are going right back in the box and up to the high shelf with the other sandals. I really had to struggle not to buy a pair of purple satin Manolo heels as well. It would be so ridiculous because when do I wear bright purple? But on the other hand, its such a great look, I think, when someone is dressed all in black with a really fabulous pair of heels. The sale is still going on tomorrow... maybe I'll have to use up my grocery money and just buy them. How often do I get to go to sales like this one?

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RecklessGirl said...

LOVE THEM! I am in a shoe dessert as in the land of the pixies I am apparently a big foot! most collections only go up to a 37!!!AGHHHH at least they have jimmy cho & Manolo's but not sure the bank balance can take it with the new place & the plasma tv!!! You've inspired me to go & look fro shoes on my 2 hours of free time on friday though Ex