Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hair cuts

Ella has been having a fit every time that we try to brush her hair- and in all fairness, it was so long and curly it was impossible to avoid getting knots in it. So after talking about it with B, I took her to the hairdressers this afternoon and we cut off all her curls.

She looks awful.

I think my mom is going to kill me when she sees what we've done.

I also got my hair trimmed this afternoon, but it was actually a huge improvement because instead of having weird little Ming (who cut it last time because I was so desperate) I got my regular stylist, Guy. It looks way better then it did after the original cut because Guy is fantastic and spent about 15 minutes just re-styling the fringe. But its always a bit awkward with him because he doesn't just cut my hair, he sort of molests my head. You know how sometimes it just feels weird when someone is shaking your hand, like maybe they hold on a little too long? or their hands are a bit too sweaty? Well, thats what it is like when he is cutting my hair. First of all he puts his face about 4 inches from mine (so I feel him breathing on me) and is constantly readjusting the tilt of my head by putting his hands all over my face and then slowly slowly brushing the little cut bits off my face. I feel like my intimacy is less invaded by my bikini waxer. So I keep cheating on him with other hairdressers. Every time its the same thing - no one is as good as Guy. And then I come crawling back, begging him to forgive my infidelity.

But I just know- if I ever tell him that B and I broke up, he would totally pounce on me. Figures I would have the only heterosexual male hairdresser in the free world.


Anna said...

Have you tried Bonton children's hairdresser on rue de Grenelle? Perfect. And I wash my little girl's hair every single morning and put loads of conditioner on it to prevent tangles.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the tip- I think i might make an appointment for next week to try and get it fixed. Honestly, we washed and blow-dried it last night and there was no improvement at all.

Sally Lomax said...

When my eldset daugheter was tiny she had no hair on top and curls at the back, and it looked - well - silly really. So we had it cut, and then for weeks I regretted it. However, I am looking as i write this at a photo of her, at this time, and the short hair looks really cute. Kids generally look cute! Also, on the whole short hair is easier for tinies. There is loads of time for long hair later, and once they are old enough to get out their own tangles, it is SO much easier. So I think you did the right thing!


Valerie said...

I'm so proud that Ella's embarked on the lifelong quest for perfect hair that the Gerber women have embraced like a search for the Holy Grail. And there's nothing like a bad cut to really get a fire under someone; this young grasshopper will do well. Fortunately your haircut was good, so you can just artfully toss your coif in front of the baby to avoid close scrutiny.