Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm a bit low on inspiration tonight, so I thought I would post a photo of the view out of my window. I love this view in the winter time when the leaves are off the trees and we can see all the lights. Its like Christmas. Of course, the downside is the bateau mouche and the spotlights that they shine practically in our living room. Small price to pay, I guess.
I better enjoy the view now. We are having a real estate agent stop by this week to give us an evaluation and then we are putting the place up for sale. I have seen an ad for a place in the 6th that sounds perfect- 140 m² to renovate and the price is well within our budget so the renovation would be amazing. I haven't visited the place yet because we will have to atleast start negotiations on a sale for this place before it will be worthwhile. I remember the last time we were searching for a flat (2 years worth of trolling immostreet.com, how could I forget that hell) and its so awful to see a place you love disappear. Of course it was mostly due to B's hesitating and constant second guessing and general paranoia ("Well, it seems like a great deal, but obviously that means that they are hiding something and in fact its a money pit!"). I don't think I could live through that a second time. And now that we have a child and I am unemployed, divorce is much less tempting.
Of course, with our marriage contract, I would get half of the profits when we sold this place, which is still more than enough to get me a really sweet pad of my own. Hmmm. I'm sure it won't get to that point, but still, I've learned that negotiations always go much better if you have a really good plan B. Posted by Picasa

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