Saturday, November 04, 2006

the morning after

the morning after
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This is the trail that I found this morning leading from the hall to the bathroom. I think that says it all- laddered tights wrapped around the handle of my bag, mangy roses from random acquaintance sticking out, gorgeous yet dangerous heels kicked off immediately and abandoned, T-shirt inside out, coat in a pile, underwear stripped off- all of it emanating a smoky fug.

And yet, I still took off all my make-up before going to bed. I might not have enough sense to come home at a decent hour (the least of last night's errors...) but on some things I am inflexible.

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RecklessGirl said...

Seems like you made up for your canceled halloween night out! we have had far too many nights out since we arrived here but now we've in to the new place & are surrounded by boxes & manicaly unpacking + we were at Disney land this wend for Isabella's b-day!! It was fun.... will post news soon LOL Ex