Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Second decision

This is a dress I bought last week in my shopping spree, I think its Manoush? I absolutely love it and anyone who knows me would definitely say that this is typical Nicole. Its really fitted under the bust, with elastic in the back and a zipper up the side. Wish it was a teensy bit shorter but otherwise I consider this perfect.

The real choice is between the two cover-ups. They are the same brand but this one is a sort of crinkled cotten and the other is a jersey. They are both shedding sequins EVERYWHERE which is driving me mad but nothing to do about that. The description online said that some sequin loss was normal. The tan and gold one is really sweet I think but it doesn't actually match any of my swimsuits. So I should keep the black one, right? But it will probably be too hot for the beach. Also I don't like that the slits go all the way up to my hip. Since it is long, I wish that the slits were only thigh high and then I could wear it to dinner at night. This has always got to be worn with something underneath to actually be clothing. So if its just a beach cover-up, wouldn't it be nicer short (besides, I think it hits me at sort of an unflattering length)? Only whats the point of buying something new and immediately chopping it up? But I would probably wear the black and silver more often, even long. I think. I'm not sure. Because look, the first dress I love is beige-y, and it really matches my new sandals and maybe my new summer capsule wardrobe could just be beige based? Also, not photographed, is a really beautiful beige linen and cotten sweater that I found shopping last week with a deep V.

This is all a bit silly- the resort we are going to is really low key. If we were going to a really chi-chi hotel, I might just keep it all, since I would get a chance to wear it all. Maybe I should just keep the sandals, send everything else back and find a nice sarong to match my swimsuit. That would probably be the most reasonable thing to do. But where is the fun in that?
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