Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Ella

Just born
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Two years ago exactly, the doctor came in and asked me if I minded waiting for about 45 minutes so that he and the nurses could have a sandwich before we finished things up and Ella made her grand entrance. Being an accomodating Midwesterner, I said "Of course not! I'll just lay here and meditate on not pushing!" And I did, and they did, and she did.

I am going to try and find the story of that day that I started writing and never finished. Except for the part about breaking for lunch, its all a bit blurry now, unfortunately. Uh oh- between the forgetfulness over the gruesome birth details and the weepiness that came over me when sorting through old baby clothes, I think I better look into more serious birth control. This is the way second babies happen.


Doc said...

Very serious birth control. I'm on number three. I'm thinking abstinance at this point.

Happy birthday to a beautiful angel!

Sally Lomax said...

We had five as you know. So you shouldn't ask us for seious contraceptive advice!!

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THEY MADE YOU WAIT!!!!!!!!! That is amazing.

Happy birthday Ella!!!!!

(And if you have a second baby - second babies are easier than the first, thirds easier than seconds and so on. Not because they are really - but because you get better at it and enjoy the whole thing more each time. Also, you then start to get nostaligic that this may be your last time, and so you chreish ever moment all the more...... So - a seond baby is no bad thing......

Enjoy the birthdya party!!


afoos said...

Happy Birthday Ella! Leave it to France to want to have a sandwich break during labor and delivery. After I finished having Gab, a pack of cigarettes fell from my midwive's pocket onto my hospital bed.

I agree, with Sally. The second is definitely so much easier than the first, which I wasn't expecting. In fact, life has paradoxically gotten much easier with two kids. It kicked my butt into gear and made me get organized.