Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Just did the heart puffs. The recipe was totally wrong and told me to take them out too soon so they fell down and are now little heart pancakes. Waaaahhh! I have enough choux pastry left to do probably another 4 or 5 correctly or I can just make an entire new batch, only I had planned on going to get my legs waxed before picking up Ella. What do I do? Legs or dessert?

Editted: I chose legs. Ran out of the house and realized that it was pissing down and I was wearing my Repetto slippers and had no umbrella plus I had forgotten my cash in the house so I turned around and went back to do the dessert. I'll guess we'll have to play "Lets Pretend We're in High School" and keep it all above the belt. Do you think he'll see the fun in that? To be honest, I do think a good long kissing session is sort of great.


La Fille en Rose said...

Legs for sure...if you don't have time to make the dessert buy something wonderful at a p√Ętisserie.

The Late Bloomer said...

But don't you think he'll love you just the same even if the legs aren't waxed?! I'm sure he'll see you as just as beautiful as you always are... I think in the end these things matter a whole heck of a lot more to us than to our men. But maybe I'm wrong -- guess it depends on the guy!

(As much as I like the sexy feeling too, I don't always happen to get the leg waxing done in time either -- am I crazy to admit that? And yet I wouldn't completely cancel out the possibility of sharing a nice moment!)

Have a great Valentine's Day -- I'm sure the meal (and your evening) will be lovely.