Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My big order just arrived

And I need some help deciding what to do. After my spur of the moment shopping spree last week I have too many things for vacation, or more importantly, too many of the same thing and I have to decided tonight what stays and what goes. First of all though- I love how net-a-porter sends such nice packages with everything wrapped up nicely with bows and tissue. And look! They sent a little book with a pen (I haven't actually taken the time yet to see what it is, but I am sure it's great and will give me hours of entertainment.)

The K Jacques shoes are perfect and I am definitely keeping them. In fact, I wish I had ordered another pair. They fit great and are absolutely the kind of summer everyday sandals that I will wear to death. Actually, I ought to buy a second pair since they are on sale right now.

The first problem I have are the two white dresses I bought. This one is DVF and I think it is too long- but otherwise the fabric is fantastic and soft and its very beachy. Its just that on the model they showed online, the dress was more like above the knee, so I am probably about 20 cm to short to be wearing this. I think it makes me look short.

This second dress is Paul and Joe Sister and it is a really light cotton with tons of pleating around the neckline. I really like the tunic styling when it is loose, I think that is very summer 2007. From the front I love it, but I think that there is far too much volume in the back. So I belted it like I saw it online. But I wanted something easy to pull on over my swimsuit and its no good if I always have to belt it. Again, maybe I'm just too short for it? Make your choices- and if my sisters are reading this, please let me know ASAP if you want me to keep something to send to you.

Also, sorry the pictures are so crap but I was trying to do this fast and getting a bit irritated with my timer.

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Anna said...

The Paul and Jo Sister NOT belted is fantastic and a zillion times better than the other two...

Nicole said...

Do you think? I do love it when I see only the front and I wish I had managed to get a good shot of the back so you could judge it better. I think I will have to just show it to B and get his opinion as well.

Anna said...

You do that... it's B's opinion that counts... Have a lovely holiday.

The Late Bloomer said...

I love the Paul & Joe Sister dress too -- that was the one that jumped out at me as just the most dazzling... Simple and sweet, yet sexy. Perfect!

Sending you great holiday wishes too... Wish I was off to an exotic tropical island, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous!

Nicole said...

More than one person has asked me if I don't think that we might get bored after 2 weeks on one tiny island just laying on the beach and swimming. The answer is a resounding 'no'- two years of living with Ella has made me realize that being able to sit in one place and do nothing is the absolute height of luxury. I am currently counting off the minutes until we arrive.