Saturday, February 24, 2007

Packing Ella off

We should be leaving for the country in about an hour- I think I have all of Ella's stuff packed up (three bags, plus stroller and carseat and diaper bag. That kid does not travel light). I still need to do a bag for me, since I'll be staying til Tuesday maybe. Hopefully B will be home a bit late so I have time to finish everything off. I'm sitting here at the computer despite the last minute rush because I forgot to make up the mommy and daddy dolls I had been going on and on about. That doll that I posted a picture of? Too weird so I went and did a new one for me that I think turned out great and a really funny one of B. I spent this afternoon in photoshop trying to get rid of his stubble. It was sort of throwing off the little boy vibe that I was going for. I lost the transfer paper at some point so I ended up having to run to the grocery store to pick up some more. I'm only printing them off now. God- I blame the last few days on a voodoo curse, but I may have to take a bit of responsibility for my complete lack of organization. I think my brain is already on holiday.

There is a big dinner tomorrow at the in-laws for the annual hunt that they do in their forest. When we were there 2 weeks ago there was already lots and lots of tension over the organization so I hope things aren't too hectic tonight when we arrive. Like I said last time, I try to keep a low profile but apparently even that doesn't keep me out of trouble with them. I will atleast come with a great big box of chocolates- you can't hate anyone who brings you chocolates, can you?

B is home early. Great. He caught me slacking off again. Must go do my bags and feed the baby. Have a good weekend!


Sally Lomax said...

Life's too short to feel guilty. Your blog is creative......... not slacking, being creative!

Nicole said...

Thanks Sally! But he does always seem to walk in the door just when I have sat down at the computer for 5 minutes- its no wonder he thinks that is all I do all day :-)