Thursday, February 22, 2007

dead puppies

Did I murder a litter of puppies in a former life? What on Earth have I done to deserve this steady accumulation of annoyances?

First of all, does anyone know when the Eres shop at the Madeleine closed? I rushed around this morning so that I would have enough time to try on a few things before having to dash back to pick up Ella at garderie only to find that what used to be an Eres boutique is now a Cerruti shop. I thought about going up to the grands magasins to look through the swimsuit department, but I decided it wasn't worth the effort. It would have been easy enough to walk over to Blvd Hausmann, but its astounding how long it takes to get up to the 6th floor and the swimsuits when you are trying to dodge slow walkers and tourists loaded down with shopping bags, plus there would be the inevitable 20 minute wait for a changing room. This week is turning into a complete wash. I have honestly accomplished nothing. Why is that always more exhausting than when I am busy from morning til night getting projects done?

I don't want to use shopping as a response to stress but this afternoon when Ella takes her nap (and after I finish folding up the mountain of laundry that I did yesterday), I am going to make a big order with Net-a-porter. Clearly, my plan to get out to the shops is never going to happen and yet I feel like yesterday's efforts certainly merit some sort of reward. Come on, 4 hours sitting in waiting rooms to see doctors? 8 loads of laundry? 24 hours of imagining my entire home covered in microscopic vermin (thanks Midwifery Parasite Forum) ?

Some sandals and a sundress or two won't fix anything, but atleast it will distract me for a few minutes.

Update: No really- Someone has put a curse on me. It just took me an hour and a half to check out on net-a-porter. Something was seriously fucked up with their system and I kept having to re-do my order. But I was like a bulldog with a bone- I had my credit card in my hand and I was going to spend some money, goddammit. No computer was going to tell me 'no'.

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