Thursday, September 28, 2006

sculpture progress


Isn't this awesome! Ella and I went over to Rosy's studio on Tuesday and today she sent me a few photos taken while we were there. I thought it was nice when we were there, but when I was showing the photos to B tonight, I realized how much I really liked it. I cannot wait for it to be done! She is going to be gone all of October so our next seance is in November. I think that it will mainly be for the details like how her hair will be and if she will be nude or we will show the collar of a shirt. I hope that she doesn't want to change too much because I am really happy with what she has right now.

It was funny when we got as she tried to be very nonchalent about the fact that she wanted to do the work outside in the courtyard. It was obviously because of Ella's naughty behaviour when Rosy was at our house that was behind this. Plus, Rosy had decided that to start out, she needed Ella to sit on a chair BALANCING ON A TABLE. I said that we could give it a try but I didn't think it would last long. Luckily, Rosy had a plate of cookies that must have been extra extra good because Ella, who never hardly touches a cookie, ate 4 and didn't budge from the chair for an hour. That is the main reason that so much work got done on the bust. Rosy could really get close and Ella was very very good with posing.

There was also a photographer there- his name was Tobias Staebler. He took the photo that is above- although I took the liberty of just cutting out what is, to me, the interesting part. He is doing the photos for some project of his own that I am not entirely clear about, maybe for an article in GO magazine? I had a look at his website and the children's portraits are just amazingly beautiful. He offered to give me some of the best shots of Ella from that afternoon. Honestly, I think I might enjoy them as much as the sculpture.

Anyways, this is turning out to be such a fun project, I really am going to be sad when it is all finished. Maybe I'll have to commission one of B next, in the style of a Roman senator with a toga drapping from his shoulder? Posted by Picasa

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