Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hair products

I know I said a couple weeks ago that I was thrilled with my hair after having finally had the color fixed up. But I wasn't entirely happy- it seemed like it was always looking a bit fuzzy. Before I left for Edinburgh, I went for a blow-out, thinking that this way I would atleast have nice, smooth hair for our big weekend, but the guy didn't actually get it much better than I do on my own; not really worth the 20 euros, in my opinion. He said my hair needed another cut but I thought that sounded like an excue- it was only a month since my last cut.
I had been using conditioner and I hadn't been blowing my hair too often, so I figured that it was the products that I was using that were making such a difference. I had used up all my Leonor Greyl products over summer and not bothered to replace them, since they cost so much. The other day I was in the parapharmacie and decided that I might as well just busy some more, since I had no more shampoo and almost no more conditionor. I bought the Bain Vitale B for shampoo and the Condition Naturelle. Honestly, I used them once and I could see my hair was a million times better. I used it again today and it looks like I have healthy hair again. I am such a cynic about beauty products and I never really believe that it makes a difference what you use but I think this time I have been proven wrong. I didn't buy the Jasmin Hair Masque because it costs 33 euros and I thought that it would be silly to buy that on top of everything else but now I am tempted. If my hair is already this improved with the shampoo and conditioner, maybe it will be amazing with the masque. Am I getting greedy?

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