Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baby's first meme

Baby's First Meme, inspired by Linda:

3 Things That Scare Ella:
•Strangers who come to the house who have that look of "babysitter" about them
•Gymbo, the Gymboree clown. Freaks her out. She won't get near it, which is a bit irritating since they always put the damn clown on the parachute during parachute games and then she insists on hiding behind me. I think we will be transferring to the Vitamom class where there are no scary toys.
• sitting on the big potty. This was a big mistake on my part. I thought she wanted to sit there but she was so freaked out that I think we may have set back the potty training by a good 6 months.

3 People Who Make Her Laugh:
• The teletubbies
•Her daddy
• Her best friend Isabella

3 Things She Loves:
• Absolutely anything that's even marginally undesirable for her to play with: the TV remote, cell phones, toothbrushes, brimming glasses of water, sharp pointy sticks.
• My 600 doller Fendi evening bag that I hardly use because it is So Special. It has already been dragged around the park about 4 times, which correspond to the last four nights when I did not get enough sleep and was not up for a toddler battle. When I am strict about things and assert my position as Alpha female in this house, her flower purse, that Nama G gave her, is an almost acceptable substitute
• Dora. Or as she calls her, "Deeee!"

3 Things She Hates:
• The only handknit sweater that we received for a present. I tried to make her wear it the other day and she crawled under my bed, sobbing. She wouldn't come out until I swore we would take it off and get another sweater. No idea what inspired this grudge.
• When older kids in the park try to touch her and drag her around. If she doesn't make the first move, she does not want to play with other kids. If, on the other hand, she says hi first, then it is all good.
• When we pick out the bedtime story. She has to choose. Or else.

3 Things She Doesn't Understand:
• Why she is not allowed to get up to play at 5:30 in the morning. We deal with this confusion atleast once a week. As do our upstairs and downstairs neighbors, unfortunately.
•Why I don't like her to put her hands in her hair while she is eating. Total confusion, and then her hands are there on her head, and we have to wash her hair again. Argh!
•The concept of glass vs plastic.

3 Things On Her Changing Table:
• Linseed oil for when her eczema flares up.
• The world's most expensive baby wipes, since everything else gives her a rash.
• A pot full of hair ties, which is emptied Every. Single. Time. We change her Diaper.

3 Things She's Doing Right Now:
• Napping (THANK YOU JESUS). So she is also sucking on her pacifier and hugging her baby Bonnie.

3 Things She Can Do:
• Kick a soccer ball and running kick the soccer ball. There are already dollar signs in her daddy's eyes...
• Feed herself yogurt. More or less.
• Climb on top of the dining room table. Yikes.

3 Ways to Describe Her Personality:
• Curious.
• Demanding.
• Independent

3 Things SHe Can't Do (yet):
• Jump. She tries really hard but hasn't quite mastered it yet. The non-jump is so heart-meltingly adorable though, I hope she never figures it out.
• Speak in full sentences. Neither French nor English.
• Catch a ball. She's got the stance but thats about it.

3 Absolute Favorite Foods:
• Hotdogs
• Yogurt
• Babybel cheese

3 Things She'd Like to Learn:
• How to turn on her DVD's all by herself. She can nearly do it, which is pretty amazing considering that she needs to use two remotes and the DVD player to get things going.
• How to get out of bed by herself. I see her trying to swing her leg up over the bars, but thankfully she is still too short. Because once she can get out of bed, we will never be able to sleep in again.
• How to turn the keys on all the cupboards in my office. The few times they have been left open, she wrecked havoc.

3 Beverages She Drinks Regularly:
• Whole milk
• Cranberry mango juice has been the tipple of choice this week.
• Evian although she prefers the bubbly water.

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