Thursday, September 14, 2006

going away party

The saddest thing about hanging around with the expat community is that you end up finding people the you really like, people that have alot of the same outlooks as yourself, people that can understand the problems that a foreigner can have trying to sort out life in France. And then they move away.
Last night we were over having good-bye drinks for some friends of ours who are moving to Hong Kong. Not even just back to London, where we might see them again, but all the way to HONG KONG. Its enough to keep me away from expats forever. Their baby is Ella's best friend. The mom is my absolute best mommy friend, and really one of my best friends in Paris. I'm going to miss them so much, but I have to admit that I feel almost as bad about the idea of having to start all over making new friends for me and Ella. Its hardwork finding people you like and then finding the time to organize "dates" so that you can actually build up a friendship, especially when you have kids and you don't have much free time. Its a good thing that I have a blog because about 90% of my friendships are conducted via the web.
I woke up this morning with a fierce headache and the niggling fear that they might not miss us as much, since we stayed there until nearly midnight drinking bottle after bottle of champagne. The girls were not in bed but just getting more and more crazy. I was completely drunk and finally B dragged me out of the house. Ella was so exhausted that she slept really erratically all night and so we are not only hungover but bone-tired as well. Oh, yeah, and I also broke one of their wine glasses.
Honestly, one of these days I will totally learn to ask for water.

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