Saturday, September 09, 2006

New hair, new housekeeper

I finally, FINALLY, managed to get to the hairdresser and have my color re-done. I was trying to act all punk rock about it like, "Yeah I have 3 inch roots, did you think that I was some kind of suburban soccer mom going for a perfect ash-blonde bob? I'm too busy raving on the beaches of Ibiza for appointments with my colourist, bitch." But really? I was on the verge of buying some Clairol do-it-yourself color kit just to patch things over til I got Ella into garderie and could get an appointment. That is how desperate I had gotten- I was ready to turn my head into a craft project.

(notice my happy-smiley-no-more-roots face. Also, I kind of didn't brush my hair yet this morning, something I didn't think about until I actually posted the photo. Note to self, new color doesn't make up for poor personal hygiene...)

Also, just interviewed a woman that I think I will be hiring to take over as the new femme de menage/ babysitter. I really like her and I think that when I go back to work full-time, she might be able to do full-time with Ella and the house to take care of. I have a few more people to see at the end of the afternoon, but I am pretty sure that this is the lady I will hire. In any case, I have learned my lesson and layed down the law about how I expect things to go. I don't want to be an ogre, because I've got enough stuff going on, but I don't need grief from my cleaner on top of it all. I keep thinking we can be buddies and chat and stuff, I mean this person is going to be sorting through my underpants and disposing of my mountain of empty liquer bottles. I need them to like me, not secretly be thinking I am a slutty alcoholic. But this time, I will risk it. No palling around. Business only.
Also, since Ella is older and I manage to get out of the house more to spend time in the company of adults I don't think that I will be so desperate for companionship. I mean, in the last year I've had embarrassingly long conversations with the cashiers at the supermarket (I know how long her bus ride to work is), the grocery delivery man (he has seven kids!), the strange man who runs the "photo shop" (he really likes the color blue), the man who runs Dodo Manege (he likes his coffee with two sugars), and the cleaning lady who works on the 5th floor (they freak out if she is going to be more than 5 minutes late). I may have a little problem with boundaries? Or maybe I need to make some more friends?
So, hair is good, cleaning situation is taken care of, and I have a babysitter for tonight. B and I are thinking about going to see a movie and maybe grabbing something to eat at Publis Drugstore. The food isn't so amazing and the crowd is the worst mix of pose-y Parisians and tourists, but they serve fairly quickly. It used to be that every time we went out to eat, I had a list of about 8 places that I wanted to try. Now that I am paying 8 euro an hour for the privilege of leaving the house, I am not wasting time driving to random Italian bistros in the 19th that someone's brother said served great antipasti. I need a sure thing, I need to spend as little time as possible in transit, and I need to be in and out fast. Cause I have to pack a lot of fun into a few hours.
I really want to see the movie Little Miss Sunshine. When I saw the cast, I thought immediately that it was my type of movie. But since then, I have been reading the reviews, and no one has said a bad word about it. I'm really excited, to the point where I am not even going to ask B what he wants to see, because if he doesn't say Little Miss Sunshine, then I will have to pretend to think about it and pretend like I am trying to sell him on the idea, which would be the worst kind of hypocrisy since I have no intention of seeing anything else.
Will tell you how I liked it tomorrow.

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