Saturday, September 23, 2006

Au revoir


Look at how much these two love each other! I know I said that I would miss Elizabeth loads, but I think that Ella is sadder than me. She and Isabella were playing so good this morning. In their strollers on the way back from the park they were playing games and making each other giggle. They haven't been so silly in a really long time and I think that they both knew what was going on, even though they don't entirely "get it". Plus, every time we asked them to do a hug and kiss, they leaped on top of each other, another thing pratically unheard of up til now. Ella did not want them to go after lunch. As Elizabeth and Isabella left the apartment, Ella tried to run over to get in the elevator with them, crying and shouting, and was still at it when I put her down for her nap. I finally had to go in and give her another cuddle before she calmed down.

I know she'll forget fairly quickly but she doesn't play with any of the other kids as well as she does with Isabella. They really are best friends.I think that this photo is just adorable and I'm so lucky to have snapped it yesterday. I think I might have it printed on to fabric and make a little pillow out of it for Ella to keep in her bed so that when we see them next, she'll remember who Isabella is.

Honestly, I just feel really sad about them leaving. I've got loads of things going on right now and could do a dozen different entries but I'm really just not up for it today. I think I'll just give myself permission to really mope around the house the weekend. I know from experience that even though you might be hundreds of miles from friends, you can manage to keep in touch and see each other surprisingly often and one day, shockingly, end up back in the same place. But still, its no fun seeing people move away. Posted by Picasa

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