Saturday, September 30, 2006

drinks at the Palais Royale

Last night, I organized to meet some friends at the Palais Royale with our girls who are almost exactly the same age. We had all been so busy this summer that we hardly ever managed to get together despite the fact that we only live about a 15 minute walk apart. And naturally, they are another one of our favorite expat couples and they will be leaving Paris in a few months. Honestly, why do I bother?!!

Still, since Ella had taken a really good nap yesterday, I knew we would have a nice relaxing time. Because it looked like rain and I thought it was likely that we would come home in a taxi, I just jumped on the metro with Ella and no stroller. She was so adorable. She let me put a little beret on her head (it matched her sweater) and she was a bit intimidated by the metro I think because she just sat on her seat with her hands together and her eyes as big as they could get and looked at everything. Sage as could be. Its nice when we have an outing like this- it almost makes up for the times she is throwing herself on the ground and screaming and eating dirt, getting me dirty looks from everyone around us.

Anyways, it looked like it might rain but we found ourselves some chairs under an awning and the girls just ran around and played. Except for a few escape attempts, we managed to sit and have our drinks like REGULAR people. Amazing.

The park was just gorgeous. The gardens there are so pretty and lush, spilling over the top of the railings. The leaves hadn't fallen off the trees yet and so there were still the nice shady allees to walk under. And I had completely forgotten about the fountain in the middle. At night, it is lit up and the water sprays in arcs that sort of sparkle, lighting up the paths on either side. All around the perimeter the old-fashioned street lights were lit. I don't even remember the last time I was there and I think right now that it is the nicest park that I have seen in Paris.

It even had the good old Paris clichés of an accordion player busking along the terraces of the cafes and a group of chic young things sharing a few bottles of wine on a park bench. But every once in awhile I really love that (don't tell anyone) because it kind of reminds why people love Paris and I start to look at things again the way I did when I first got here and was in love with the city too. I just need that reminder that Paris is not all bureaucracy, manifestations, and dog poop on the sidewalk.

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l'embrouillamini said...

I love Parisian clichés! I remember a rather cheesy moment when I was on the metro and a busker started up his accordion. The metro car rattled over the Seine, and it was such a great moment, I felt like I was in the film Amèlie or something! Give me a cliché anyday!