Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Regime update report

I didn't make it to my class this morning, surprise surprise. But I stepped on the scale and I lost 1.2 kilos since yesterday. I think it is fair to say that it was all water weight that I sweated off. I never cease to be amazed at how my clothes are literally dripping wet when the class is done. I am so impressed by my extraordinary sweating abilities. (I suppose that this is a bit of a tip off that I have never been particularly sporty.) So, I am absolutely going back tomorrow. At this rate, I'll have reached my target weight in a mere three days. And I'm not fussy- if its all water weight, I don't even care. I'm not one of these whiny, never-satisfied dieters who is all about real results that last. I am an immediate gratification kinda girl just happy to see those magic numbers flash up on the screen of my scale.

On a totally different subject, I love reading the Sunday Times of London online. When I was living in Scotland, I always bought the paper version because of all the nice extra sections, like Style and Travel. My roommates made me hide it at the bottom of the bin before people came over because no self-respecting Bolshy uni student would be caught dead with a copy of the Times. I didn't care- its not as if I actually read the news part of the paper. The Sunday paper was by lovely lazy day habit, and when I moved to Paris, I would hike a good long ways to find a copy. When they finally started publishing the whole thing on line, I was in heaven. I'll still get out of bed a bit early on Sunday just so that I have time to look through things before Ella and B get up. Lately, I've liked it even more because they have really started to develop a list of bloggers linked to the paper or even just cited as a good read. I've found one of my absolute fav new sites this way, Wife in the North. I think the writing is brilliant and funny. Her attitude towards motherhood is familiar. And its funny since she has only moved across Britain, but I find a lot of similarities between her culture shock in moving to the northern countryside and mine in moving to Paris.

So this Sunday when I saw another blog getting a headline as a Must Read, I clicked over right away. The Diary of a Female Adulterer sounded like it would be an excellent blog, the story of a lonely, dissatisfied housewife in Beirut looking for a bit of excitement, with the whole Will she or won't she? hook. Its written very well, the story is a bit hard to follow as she is writing it very elliptically, but there is something that I don't exactly like about this. First of all, I don't think it is a blog. I think someone is just writing a novel in blog format, which, if it is true, would really bother me. A few years ago there was a great blog called something like Slim Tim, or Tiny Tim. I can't remember. But basically it was the story of a married man with a child who suddenly finds himself having a homosexual affair. At first it seemed very real but as it went on, the fictional aspect started to show. There were comments around the blogosphere that suggested that the gig was up, people had found out that it was totally untrue. The worst thing about it was that it seemed like such a betrayal. When people get involved and start to care about this person- which does happen when you have a peek into their most intimate thoughts- it is shocking to find out it was just all just a lie. That person doesn't even exist. Anyways, I think that this blog may not be totally on the level but I'm going to stick it out for awhile. I think that it would be so interesting to see how she sorts it out. So much of what she has said so far really strikes a cord with me- the upsetting idea that you might never again have that rush of adrenalin, les frissons, that you get when you meet someone new and you imagine all the possibilities, which is so different from the idea that you are with the wrong person and wonder if someone better is out there.

All of which reminds me that I really need to fix up my links. The day I did them I totally screwed up and most of them don't work. Besides that, I ran out of time and most of my favorite blogs aren't even on there. Maybe tomorrow, instead of an entry, I'll try and get things in order. Gosh, I don't know what is going on with me. All this virtuous hard work, scrubbing off the balcony, going to the gym, fixing my sidebars. The spirit of spring cleaning has infested everything.

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