Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reading lists

I know that I said I would make my list of recommended books longer but since I put those white paper covers on all my books, its kind of hard to read the names and I just got tired of straining my neck to read my pencil scratchings. So, maybe that was a silly project? Don't care. I still think that it looks awesome. But now I am thinking that it would be fun to get some cool fabric of wallpaper to line the inside of the cabinet. I won't even mention it to B because he will start moaning about what a pain in the ass it will be to do, but I would be lying if I said that made any difference.

Instead, I found this entry that seems like a much better list of books to inspire my next Amazon purchase. Well, she does state that she actively avoids science fiction and existentialism, a girl after my own heart. Even though there are lots of books on the list that I haven't heard of,
I think this is definitely the kind of stuff that I would like to read. Although, I will respectfully disagree with her on Indian books. I have a few "Indian" books that I really liked and one of my recent favs was "The Namesake", although I suppose that this might not technically be part of that category since its mainly played out in the US. I think that the movie is out or will be out soon and I am dying to see it.

Incidently, I needed a book to take with me yesterday on a long metro ride so I grabbed "The Accidental" a fit of guilt. I can't really justify a book-buying binge if I haven't even finished up the things I bought for our last holiday. I only got about 50 pages in to the story yesterday, but so far I love it. What did I hate so much last time I tried reading it? I think that the heat on the beach and my sunstroke. just put me in a foul mood for a couple of days. I take back anything bad I might have said about this book- will give a final opinion in a day or two.


Polly said...

Hi -- have you check out

I'm addicted.

Nicole said...

Ooh- I don't know this site! It sounds like it might be a better way to waste my time than Weboggle.