Sunday, April 22, 2007

Balcony photos

I've been busy trying to make sure that all the new plants survived their first weeks on our balcony. We have a very high mortality rate around here. In fact, I think that I buy potted plants at about the same rate that I buy cut flowers. Thank goodness for the Monceau floor just around the corner. However, saying that, I think that this year we might finally have things under control. I have realized that the only lavendar plants that survive are the lavande oficiale. The japanese oak is fine so long as it gets plenty of water and shade. The yew will survive with little watering so long as it is in a big pot (especially those closest to the river where the sun and wind are strongest). The geraniums are the only flowers plants that I can manage to keep looking good and so I have finally given in and filled all the hanging baskets with simple white geraniums. And the herbs all have specific spots on the balcony for their specific tastes in sunlight, but I think I have it all figured out. Now if only there was room for a sun lounger, we would be set.
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