Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I have all these ideas for a nice post in my head, but I've got too much stuff going on to sit down and write. I've got some friends coming round for dinner tonight and am really looking forward to it but I feel totally unorganized. I have a massive To Do list in front of me and am feeling too lazy to even get started on it. The 'guest of honor' is a friend of mine from boarding school that I haven't seen in atleast 3 years, maybe 13? I don't remember actually if he made it to our 10 year reunion. I should probably figure that out before he gets here. I have decided to try out one of Julia Child's roast chicken recipes, but I haven't read all the way through any of the recipes yet so I hope I am not getting myself in over my head. I have the babysitter coming to take care of Ella for a few hours so I can clean up the house and get some cooking done (and run to the salon to get my legs waxed. Not related to dinner prep but cannot be put off for another day.) but I need to get myself moving now if I want to have a hope of being ready on time. Plus, it is just too warm out for rushing around. Yesterday I actually had the air conditioning on for a few hours in the afternoon while Ella and I napped. Despite its claims to boost energy, so far the Bikram Yoga Assault has left me absolutely shattered. A day off will probably do me some good.

Although sitting at home and listening to the construction crew two floors above my head bang! bang! bang! away for hours on end is starting to get a bit irritating. Oh wait! They switched to bzzzz! Bzzzzz! Bzzzz! The drills are out. Nope, that was a bang. Oh, good. Drilling and banging this afternoon. Its nice when they mix it up a bit.

And I got one of those messages from home last night, the kind that you dread. My grandfather is in hospital having emergency bypass surgery after a heart attack yesterday. I'm trying not to think about it because I think I will very quickly start getting upset. I'm going to call my mom later today for the good news about his recovery. No point in wasting energy worrying; although I would be lying if I say I haven't been mentally reorganizing my next few weeks for an emergency trip home.

I promise that for tomorrow I will have a proper recap about dinner. Hopefully this chicken will turn out looking better than the Prince Orloff and there will be photos as well.

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