Friday, October 20, 2006

Wasn't Friday the 13th last week?

I was going to write a post about my night out with theh knitting group, where I started my first scarf!!! But instead I am going to very quickly make a list of everything that has gone wrong so far today-
1. Ella woke up at 5:30 and yelled every twenty minutes until 7
2. B forgot to set his alarm (the man downstairs didn't and so just when Ella stopped yelling we were woken by his trio of car alarms that he uses in place of a normal alarm clock)
3. The cleaning lady called to cancel
4. B said his aunt and father would be coming to dinner tonight
5. Ella cut her finger on something at the florists and covered herself, her stroller, and the counter with blood before I could get it under control (with the help of two employees). Honestly, with the amount of blood there was, I thought she must be missing a finger. I call the doctor in a panic and finally get a good look at it, only to see that... she has a clean slice about a quarter inch long. Thats it.
6. She won't take a nap.
7. I am desperately tired since I think the stupid Starbucks people gave me regular coffee and not decaf and I slept really really badly last night.

And I still have to try and clean the house in the 20 minutes that remain before taking Ella to garderie.

I still have to go and get my hair cut, buy groceries, make dinner and find a card for the wedding tomorrow. Did I mention that I also found out that the bride and groom want everyone to write a letter that they can put in their wedding album.

Just a quick moan about this damn wedding- we didn't even get an invitation. I don't know if they didn't send them or what. Then, the scheduling is totally bizarre and it is a nightmare trying to figure out how to organize my hour long journey there and back with Ella when she will have to skip her nap, but apparently everyone is incredibly upset by the idea that I am considering missing part of the festivities in order to minimize tantrums and maximize my enjoyment of the day (which I assure will be minimal in any case). All this fuss despite the fact that this is supposedly the most low key wedding possible. And for all this grief I am missing my cousins wedding, to which I was invited 7 weeks ago. My grandfather seems to be near death and I have decided to stay here for B's sake (I know that he would be suffering from a constrant stream of abuse if I missed this wedding) and what for? I am so irritated right now.

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