Thursday, October 19, 2006

the mysteries of the fruit stand

My fruit guy did a funny thing to me last night that I am still trying to decipher- after a bit of hesitating, I asked for some pears. He reached for one, then stopped and said "Is this for your daughter?" I said it was, and... he reached for a different pear. I thought, ???? Was he going to give me gross pears but then changed his mind when he realized an innocent child might have to eat them? Was there some sort of special child-friendly pear that I hadn't heard of? I had no idea and was a bit nervous about asking- I didn't want to get any of the finger-wagging, my day had already been long enough. Funny thing is, I cut it up today for her lunch and its no good. So, was he trying to give me better stuff for the baby and just screwed up or was he giving me less nice produce because she's a baby? A mystery.

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