Wednesday, October 11, 2006

one of those days

Ella had us up at 6 am this morning which just seems sooo early now that it is still dark out and quiet. She came into bed with us after awhile and cuddled up to sleep with me, which is such a rarity. Normally she cuddles for about 30 seconds and spends the rest of the time playing with the alarm clock and pushing my head back and forth and squeezing my face, like some sort of human activity board. Today was all snuggling, with just a few kicks when I rolled too close. B's alarm woke us all up at 8:30 since he had the carpenter coming about the kitchen project. I tried to squeeze out a few more minutes in bed but no luck. Ella pushed up against my ear and kept stage-whispering "Maman! Maman!" Nothing to do but get up and get dressed.

Maybe that last 30 minutes of sleep makes all the difference. I don't know but I am beyond tired right now. Naturally Ella didn't want to take a nap so I finally had to just shut her door and mine so that we could both take a nap before she went to garderie. After dropping her at creche, I very nearly returned home to finish my nap, but since that is how I wasted Friday afternoon, I forced myself to go do my errands.

I had two hours in the shops- do you know what I came home with? Doliprane, contacts, footless tights, and face powder. That was the best effort I could make. I feel depressed just thinking about it. I think that I must be suffering from some sort of seasonal light disorder. I am so miserable and out of sorts. I know that there is absolutely no reason since everything is going really well, but I am just dragging myself through every single day.

I need to have a long chat with B when he gets home tonight and try and convince him that for my mental health, we need to plan a November trip to the beach to get some sun. Even just flipping through brochures would be fun. I suppose that might mean pushing back the kitchen renovation til spring but between laying on the beach in the Maldives for two weeks and eating microwave dinner off paper plates for two weeks, I know which one I would choose.

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PutYourFlareOn said...

a vacation sounds like the thing you need. We're heading to the US for three weeks in November and we both need it. A summer with no vacation and work driving both of crazy, etc... and the soon to be baby in our life. Etretat is not that far and it's beauitful with lots of sun! :)