Tuesday, October 24, 2006

T and F's wedding

If there is one thing that I have got to say about this wedding, its this: it seemed like everyone was young, rich, and beautiful. They must have a pretty strict screening process for their friends. And also, I am glad that I spent a silly amount of money on the clothes I wore, otherwise I think that I might have felt just a bit too selfconscious. I'm not sure that this group photo at the mairie does justice to what I just said (I have no idea who the guy is in the pale blue suit in the front row, doesn't seem quite hot enough to be an official invitee- I didn't seem him at the reception afterwards) but trust me. At the reception when everyone had changed into their party dresses, it would have been hard to pick the prettiest woman in the room. Well, no. I guess Fulya gets to be the prettiest. But the number 2 spot was very hotly contested.
The wedding was at the Press Club in the Sofitel just off the Champs Elysees and I had never even heard of it but the rooms where the party was were gorgeous. Typical fancy French stuff but so perfect for a wedding where half the guests were foreigners (Fulya is Turkish from Istanbul so all her friends and family flew in for the weekend). Also, not only were all the Turks good looking (and oddly, I thought, blonde) but they were almost all doctors. F is a psychiatrist and the others ran the gamut from dentist to cardiologist. Luckily for me, they all spoke English so I had a great time chatting. Very hot pharmacist was sitting on my right at dinner- but he was happily married so fun, harmless flirting was allowed. I like it much better when they are married because that way I don't have to deal with the vague disappointment of feeling like "But I didn't know that THIS was one of the options when I decided to get married as a fetus. Nobody told me that they also came in this model! No fair!!"
No, it was a nice dinner and the party was fun although I will admit straight away that we left at 2 am because the dancing had started and my feet were killing me and I just feared having to drag myself from bed at 7 with Ella and a hangover to keep me company. Also, I will admit, I HATE wedding dances. Hate them. I am never never never in the mood for dancing when I am at a wedding. Doesn't matter how open the bar is, I do not want to dance the chicken dance with my uncle or have my in-laws watch me bump-and-grind when my fav Sean Paul song is played. God, even thinking about it is getting me a bit creeped out. And I do feel bad because I think that everyone wants their wedding party to be this mad crazy rave, but I just can't do it, no matter how much I love the happy couple. I hate wedding dances.
So we left and crawled into bed at home and amazingly, Ella didn't wake us up until 10. God, sometimes I really love that kid.
Other great thing about the wedding is that I started to chat with a woman who came as the date of one of Thierry's friends and she asked me to send her my CV. She works in the oil business and her company might be hiring in my area. I hope she gives me a call because I quick look at her company's website got me very excited about the job.
And now that I have officially emptied my bank account, a job is even more necessary... Posted by Picasa

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RecklessGirl said...

hi you, love reading this it's great to hear your news this way.... love the blue heels & really want to know what happens to the shitty kitchen store! I will be setting my blog up soon I promise. Take care Love Elizabeth xx