Monday, October 16, 2006

Brushing her teeth

Ella has started seriously mimicking us. She loves to take my purse and prance around the house. She is obsessed with putting on our shoes. If anyone is cleaning anything, we have to give her a sponge or a papertowel so she can scrub alongside you. And the latest thing is brushing her teeth. After her bath, I put her on the stool so she can reach the sink and give her a pink toothbrush with special Dora Bubblegum-flavored Toothpaste. She sucks and sucks and occasionally brushes, then very enthusiastically spits in the sink. We have to do naked toothbrushing because only a small portion of her saliva is spit in the sink. Gallons of it end up running down her chin and on to her shirt, necessitating a complete outfit change. She is so absorbed with the toothbrushing that we even manage to blow-dry her hair. 'Cleanliness is next to cuteness' is the new motto in this house. Posted by Picasa

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