Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Very Bad Week

This week was rough- day one started out with this little disaster; Georgia had been busy pottering around the house so I jumped in the bath. I was happily soaking in the steamy lavender scented water, reading a new magazine, enjoying life when she came in and tried washing off her hand in the water. I looked at her fingers and saw that they were covered in sparkly powder. I immediately knew that she had gotten into my stash of glitter powder. I asked her, "Oh Georgia! What did you do?!" She babbled at me in baby for a minute, waving her hands around, and then she pointed to her feet, and shrugged her shoulders, like, 'What can you do?' I peeked over the edge of the tub and saw that she had obviously walked through the glitter as well, as her fat little toddler feet were all pink and sparkly as well. I knew it must be worse than I had originally imagined. I jumped out of the tub, dripping wet, and peaked around the door. The camera was on the table so I snapped a pic to remind me to never be so naive as to think that a 1-year-old means it when she nods 'yes' to your demand that she leave the craft cupboard alone. Even if she looks like she really really means it.

And basically that set the tone for the week. I'm just going to pretend like it all didn't happen and it was just a lovely week of spring in Paris. La-la-la.

Luckily, yesterday afternoon I had a friend in town and it was the perfect antidote to all the Horrible, and I am leaving on vacation optimistic that the black cloud has blown away. I really hate the curse of the expat- you find all these lovely people to be friends with, go through a spell when everything is fantastic and funny and then they move home and even when you don't exactly miss them anymore, its still sad and lonely. Sigh.

But in the good news, I think my hair karma may have turned around. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on a bottle of Leonor Greyl hair conditioner about two weeks ago because I am desperately trying to grow out my hair. This week, I have had three girlfriends on three separate occasions, tell me that my hair looks gorgeous and ask what I had done. That is what I call a good investment- especially after my Year of Horrible Haircuts.

Today we are all packed up and ready to fly off to Sardinia. I checked the weather this morning and unfortunately it doesn't look like they are having the big sunny skies that I was hoping for. Lets all cross our fingers together and wish it hotter. I want to come back brown from laying the sun, relaxed from daily massages in the spa, and fat from gourmet food, eaten in lovely restaurants while the kids play in the room with a babysitter. Wish me luck.

PS Finally, my Mother's Day present was a new camera. B went to one of the shops on Blvd Beaumarchais and the guy gave him lots of good advice. He ended up with the Nikon D5000, which is not the model I thought that I wanted but I will see how it goes. Just in case its a bit too much camera, I'm still packing my handy Powershot. Either way, I am sure that I will bore you with far too many pics when I get back.
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